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As a way to show our appreciation for our pets – National Love Your Pet Day was created. It’s no secret that we British love our pets. According to the PDSA, 51% of adults in the UK have a pet, including 9.6 million dogs. SO, it’s no surprise that we have a National Love Your Pet Day too. It’s a chance for animal lovers to show off their furry or feather friends. But why do we love our pets so much? Pets are our pride and joy, we love them unconditionally, they’re always pleased to see us and cheer us when we’re down, rejuvenate us after a long day at work or school and a source of companionship – in fact – our pets are our best friends, our buddies, our confident and our stress busters! How can YOU celebrate with your pet? The type of pet we have will influence how we give it a special treat on their special day – and it requires some thought. Maybe consider a different type of walk for your doggie, an extra treat for the cat or perhaps a new toy for the bird, rabbit, hamster! Or you could make them a special animal friendly cake. Take a look at the recipes on these sites – your dog will love these. and And there are many more to be found for your birds, rabbits and cats too. On your special day you may have a spa day with friends – why not treat your doggie to one too? A luxury groom, a pet pedicure, a parlour trip for a full groom and nail clip, and remember, your cat needs a groom too, especially longer haired cats. And as we move towards Spring our pets moult even more and it’s a great time of year to help them out – remember, it stops them scratching and keeps the hair off the furniture and carpet! Do you take pics of your happy days and post them on social media? So, why not post your pets special day on social media too so everyone can share the fun with you. What is a Pet Honouring Ceremony? There is one extra special way to celebrate your best furry friend. Have you ever heard of a Pet Honouring Ceremony? A ceremony to honour and praise your beloved pet, remember, they play such an important role in our lives. There is a Pagan tradition which a Celebrant uses at Pet Honouring Ceremonies. It focuses on the 4 elements – Air, Fire, Water and Earth, using each energy to bless and honour the pet. Using chimes to bless the air, lighting a candle for fire, filling a bowl with ‘moon’ water taking a splash for the pet and finally earth by blessing some of its favourite treats. All these blessings are carried out whilst talking about how much you, your family and friends adore the pet.

A celebration of a life well loved Sadly, we don’t have our pets forever and there is nothing sadder than when they head over the rainbow bridge. It can feel so sudden and often we don’t have time to say goodbye. A pet honouring ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate the life they spent with you. As a family why not remember the funny things they did which made you laugh, the cheeky things they did which made you smile and all of the memories they gave you, the memories you will always treasure. This ceremony works beautifully too with your pet’s end of life – we cherish our animals in our lives even though they may only take up a fraction of our whole life, but for your pet you are its whole existence. Let’s also honour their final journey over the rainbow bridge.

Whether your pet has recently crossed the rainbow bridge or you would like to honour the love, affection and fun they brought to you, you can do, it’s never too late. Let’s discuss how you would like to honour their passing, it can be a small ceremony or a large family affair, you can invite their pet friends too. Make it a warm, happy and joyful celebration. Get in touch with Denise Whelan, Celebrant, OR email and she will be happy to chat with you and help plan this special unique pet honouring celebration.

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