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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Celebrant?
    A Celebrant is an independent individual who is trained to provide a custom-made ceremony, unique and personal for you. Unlike a Registrar there is no legal limitation or restriction as to what you can include in a celebrant led ceremony. With a Celebrant, YOU have the freedom to create your own ceremony, which encapsulates your love, style and personality and to suit the type of ceremony being conducted.
  • How is a Celebrant different from a Registrar?
    When is comes to your ceremony, Registrars are bound by legal limitations and restrictions as to what they are allowed to include. Whereas a Celebrant is free from these restrictions and able to create a custom-made ceremony that is unique and personal to you. In England and Wales, a wedding ceremony, like a birth or a death, must be registered legally with a Registrar, the Registrar is responsible for keeping legal records and that ceremony must take place in a licensed venue for a marriage, ie, the Registry Office. However, remember that Religious and/or Spiritual content is NOT allowed in a wedding conducted by a Registrar.
  • What does a Celebrant do?
    A celebrant can performs and officiate many types of ceremonies including weddings, vow renewals, naming, funerals and memorials. Using a Celebrant for your service means that you can plan and design everything just as you want it. Everything can run in the order you want, in the place you choose with as much or as little formality as you're comfortable with. You can have as much or as little religious or spiritual content as you wish, or even blend different beliefs together to suit all of those involved. A good Celebrant should be able to assist and support you with the planning and decision making and be on hand to make sure your day runs smoothly. Their experience should mean they can offer suggestions and ideas that you may not have thought of, point you in the direction of credible suppliers where needed and troubleshoot potential problems.
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