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Spring is the season that stirs us to start the next chapter of our life. It’s known as Nest

Building Season with good reason.

Our gardens are starting to fill with colour with daffodils, tulips, hellebores - the list is

endless. The hedgerows are showing a gossamer of white with the blackthorn blossom and

gardens have huge pink posies of cherry blossom. The birds are in their glorious colours

ready to choose their mate, yes, they are twitterpated!

With all this new life around us, you can see why it’s a beautiful time to celebrate a new

beginning. Are you planning a wedding, expecting the birth of your baby or preparing for a

christening or naming ceremony? Flowers and the colours you choose are such a special

part of your event. They convey the story of the event you’re sharing, whatever that may

be, so come and have a chat over a cuppa about the flowers you’d love me to create for

you… here are a few of my wedding flowers.

What would be your first thoughts for flowers for a spring celebration? I love blue and

yellow. They are so perfect together. There is nothing quite like a simple vase of daffodils to

lift the spirits and a row of bud vases with little blue grape hyacinths dress a table with

beautiful simplicity.

However, flowers are only part of the celebration. Have you ever had a dream of an

outdoor wedding, tailored to your own wishes and needs? Finding that someone who will

be a huge part of your day, making as memorable as if it had happened just a few weeks

ago? I know this wonderful feeling of using the perfect celebrant and it always brings a

warm glow. Allow me to introduce the perfect person to help you.

I’d like you to meet Denise Whelan, Celebrant and passionate owner of When Does Fly. She

has many years of experience in creating amazing events – small and perfectly formed or

large and lovely.

Your perfect celebrant.

Thanks for that lovely introduction, Jan. Wow, planning, it’s the most important part of any

ceremony because it allows us to prepare a successful ceremony and enjoy it to its fullest –

just like spring. In the same way that nature gives us difficult weather to contend with –

such as frost and rain – so that the ground is prepared properly for the plants to grow to

their fullest, eventually rewarding us with their visual display and that beautiful fresh

fragrance a new season brings, planning a ceremony is exactly the same.

No matter what the ceremony, we start with a budget – small or large – or halfway, it is a

huge influence on the event. Don’t feel that you need a big budget to have a beautiful

ceremony. Compare this with how nature influences what we can plant and enjoy when we

are out walking or just sitting in our garden for a mindful moment. Are we sitting in our

allotment or a large manicured garden? They are both beautiful places that provide an

opportunity for nature to show off her amazing variety and abilities. Your celebration -

whether it be a small intimate family affair or a large banquet – will be the same. The end

result is still about it being a success; memorable and enjoyable and stress free. This is why

the planning is so important, part of that process is also to get the right person for the job –

not just the planning but the delivery too.

Creating the Ceremony

As a wedding and family Celebrant I help find you find the perfect way to express yourself in

that moment, with the right elements and words to create your ceremony, whether you are

celebrating a relationship, marking a significant occasion or welcoming a new member of

the family. If you want to create a wedding ceremony that expresses your spirituality, a vow

renewal ceremony that embraces your connection with nature or a life celebration to

honour a loved one, I’m here to help.

As a Celebrant I just love transforming your ceremony and vision into a full spring bloom.

Consider me nature’s assistant – I’m here to help you create the perfect event so that that it

blooms and is beautiful, memorable and enjoyable. I can help you source contact to bring all

the elements together - like the lovely Jan at The Pretty Little Parlour whose blooms make

every event an extra bit special with gorgeous colours and beautiful aromas. And, I write a

unique ceremony that is completely personal and delivered the way you need to be.

Remember, I’m an independent wedding and funeral celebrant and member of the

Association of Independent Celebrants. That means that I am trained, have access to regular

continuing professional development and I also have insurance.

Contact me at or you can also find me on

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